Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you

A big thank you to all of you who shopped with us yesterday.After some research I am changing shipping to Canada. I had no idea the fees you can be charged alone just for receiving a delivery from UPS?? So all Canadian orders will be shipped Priority Mail now and rates have changed to reflect that.

Yesterday went pretty smooth and the site seems to slow down when we get a lot of traffic but we did not have any other issues.

Orders will begin shipping Oct 10th at the latest and if I can manage I will get them to you before that.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Shopping

Just a quick note to let you know that the site is handling traffic pretty well and you may have issues adding items to your cart.

Carts are set to dump after a 60 minutes and if you see your size available and it gives you a "sorry try again later" message then it is most likely held in someone else's cart at that time and you will need to keep trying or try later.

I do not offer shipping refunds for multiple orders at this time. It is very time consuming for me to dedicate my time since I am a one woman show here, so thanks for understanding. Please just be patient with the site. There is plenty left and nothing is sold out yet.

I really do not have any way to make it easier on you and I would if I could, wish I was an internet whiz!

Thanks ladies

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sharing some Sparkle!

I had to change the release date due to some technicalities and we are releasing tomorrow - Tuesday is the day. Shopping cart will be turned back on sometime in the morning once I get my coffee going.

I have had such a tickle reading all of your sweet comments and emails and seems like we are growing! Which is always a good thing. With growing comes learning and after tomorrow I will have a better idea of what your favorite pieces are and we just might be able to do some backorders for those of you that miss out on what is available.

I am also going to ship to Canada using UPS not the postal service. I have had packages go missing this year and I need to be able to track them once they move into Canada so shipping will be slightly higher.
Isn't that photo just the sweetest? Amy does wonderful work and I am so lucky to get to work with her! Giver her a shout and visit her site here.

Hugs - Amy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fell into Bento

Maybe you have heard about all the new rage lately? The bento lunch box craze has bitten me and my daughter could not be happier! I really love hot lunch and always wanted it as a kid. Instead, my mother, a single mom of 3, would make me bologna and ketchup sandwiches with that generic cheese popcorn and apples....yay. Now I know why I loathe ketchup in every form. Since Ms. M hates hot lunch and insists on packed I figure why not try?

Here is my first

Just google bento and a you can find all sorts of shapers, molds and cutters. Yes it does take time but I am a creative person anyhow and this gives me an outlet. The 5th graders try to trade with her at lunch and I am sure soon she will ask me to stop making "cute" lunches.

I have been posting sneak peeks of Winter/Holiday over on FB so if you are not a "fan" yet click on the box to the left so you can be the first to see the pics! Your orders will ship in approx 2 weeks after you place them next week.

I am going to sew up some American Doll outfits for Ms. M for her birthday gift at her party this weekend. We are going to do tie-dye shirts at the party - not sure yet if that was a good or bad idea - I will get back to you on that one.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We are getting closer to the release of Sparkling Twilight and I am so excited to share! I have had a few emails on this little number and wanted to let you know these double ruffles are 100% cotton velveteen and not velour.

I also wanted to address some quality issues with dresses that have the extra ruffling. We have added elastic this time around to prevent the threads from unraveling and breaking when they are put on. This should prevent any unraveling and add some extra stretch to the pieces for our playful little ones.

We finally got to take a family vacation after all the family stuff that we had go on this year and we visited the "Happiest Place on Earth", yep Disneyland. We had a great time and now we need another vacation to recover.

I am going to share some more photos this week so stay tuned and have a happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Checking his list

Ever feel like you are just cant seem to catch up? Yep that is me this year, the theme for 2010.

The Winter/Holiday collection is under way and I should be able to share some sneaky peeks starting next week and I know you will love them!

Speaking of Holiday I was in a dept store tonight picking up some leggings for myself, thought I might actually try to pull the "look" off. My girls were a mess, running, chasing, throwing ice - yes ice from their cups - at each other and I was on my last nerve and the lady behind me pops in and says" I am one of Santa's elf helpers and you never know who is out there watching you so you better be good for your Mother". Wow , ok I have never seen them straighten up so fast and it worked like a charm in case you want to try it sometime and rescue some frazzled mom in the check out lane.

Also sharing a small peek at some pieces that were sent out to be modeled - lots of ruffles and color!

All Labor Day orders have shipped - Have a great week!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Sale

Can you believe Summer is over? Boo hoo, I may be ready for Fall but not Winter and always seems like our Falls here in Colorado get shorter every year and the Winters longer. I am not ready to give up my flip flops just yet.

The Winter collection "Sparkling Twilight" will be available on October 1st and I will have some photos to share soon so please be sure to check the Facebook page as well for updates.

We will also be rolling out our virtual trunk show program after the October 1st launch and I do not have details to share yet but if you are interested in hosting a virtual show with family and friends you can earn free items!

I also need to make some space for the new items coming in and I am offering FREE shipping through Monday and most items are already marked down at least 50% so use code "laborday" to receive free shipping - only available on US domestic orders please.

I have spotted plenty of last years favorites on Ebay this season and I get inquirys for some of the more popular styles which I am sorry to say I do not have any so maybe you can find your wish list on Ebay. I am such an addict for Ebay!

I wish you all a weekend of family on our last official weekend of Summer.