Monday, January 31, 2011


Spring pre-orders for the confections line are available now online. Orders will ship in 5-6 weeks. If you had any issues adding something to your cart such as a headband please email me and I can assist you so you do not have to pay shipping 2x.

I am really looking forward to Spring and Summer this season and cannot wait to share the rest of the line with you very soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring anyone?

My my where the heck has time gone? Really I am so behind and the blog is always the first thing I put on the backburner.....and laundry of course. I have no issues washing it, just despise putting it away.

I am on the road to recovery now with my right shoulder. I can actually sew again. Lots of physical therapy and just time now, hope to be back to 100% by this Summer.

Spring is in full swing and I am loving these colors! Be on the look out for bright pinks and greens and I will be able to start sharing sneak peaks next week! I plan on a release date of late Feb. Of course I can do earlier if you all don't mind waiting til first of March to get it. Please let me know your thoughts - would you rather order it late Feb early March with a wait of a week til shipping, or order it sooner and wait about 4-5 weeks? Leave a comment please - I always love to hear your feedback.

The later release is a smaller collection and a bit more Spring/Summer. I plan to come out with some new designs and pieces shortly after to mix and match.

I am also so excited to share the dresses from the "Confections" collection with you very soon! I hope to have photos early next week as well and once I do I am ready to go with pre-orders! Easter is really late this year - April 25th to be exact, so we will have plenty of time to get these dresses to you after orders are placed with a 4-5 week wait. I hate waiting and if anyone knows me I am very indecisive. Is this a Capricorn trait? I could not choose between the colors so 3 are being made in lavender, pink and robins egg blue and of course then I have no idea which one you'll like best ;)