Thursday, October 23, 2008

~Customer Cuties~

We have some darling shots to share with everyone!
How sweet are these cuties!Thanks so much girls for letting us post. We appreciate everyone's support!
Keep the pics coming ladies, we LOVE to see them!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pretty Please!

One thing designers LOVE to see is their finished product on their sweet little shoppers! We are not begging....pretty don't think you have to do it ....with sugar on's not like we need to see it ....with don't feel obligated.

So drop us a line and with your permission we would love to post them here on our blog!

Email us at

And on another note, some new things are in the works. Cozy, soft and comfy winter wear with a bit of girlyness for extra fun....stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get Your Swank On!

Yep, you want some swank we got it.

We now have a section in the store "Designer Swank" and will be adding our design samples there art discounted rates from time to time. These are one time deals, once they are gone they are gone! All of them are ready to ship and will be shipped within a couple days of payment.

We will also at some point be adding some one of a kinds to the "swank" section. We have so much fabric and sometimes it is just good to sit down and freely create amongst all the repetition. It keeps you mind clear and can be inspiring! Once we feel like we have got a handle on our orders in the shop (thanks ladies ;) ) this will something we will try to do once a week. So how about a fun name for our "Swankiness"....."Swanky Friday" just does not cut it for me, will have to think while I sew. Feel free to leave any and all suggestions, they have to be better than mine!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Victoria Velours

At the request of a couple of you loyal "shoppers" out there we had a request for some comfy but cute Velour pants for Mom - we deserve a little spoiling sometimes too!

We have just added 3 pair of women's, ladies, hip momma's, chics..... pants or whatever you like to refer to yourself as ( Women's sounds so aged) to our store. Available in 4 colors, the red fabric is TDF! I do not have a pair of the red modeled so if you are interested let us know.

These are really cute paired with a pair of boots and cute t-shirt or go casual and wear your favorite pair of slip ons. These have become my new favorite pair of pants and my girls can't stop rubbing my kidding.

Matching pairs are also available for the little "shoppers" though we do not have any to show you, they will come in a standard wide leg cut with mini-ruffle and elastic waist - to match mom. Let us know if you are interested.

Friday, October 3, 2008

More to come...

We have been busy working on orders this week and the first of them are in the mail.

As a designer/seamstress it is hard not to dream and think of what is coming next!

Can you take a guess?