Monday, April 20, 2009

Being Productive

Yep that is my theme lately. I am trying to multi task as much as I can and balance everything in life so nothing falls through the cracks.

And I should tell you my secret to sewing like a mad woman and being productive. I manage to let all of my laundry pile up until we run out of clothes and then I wash and dry and wash and dry. I can wash/dry with the best of em. Now on the other hand folding and putting it all away, not my area of expertise.

My second secret to being productive lately is visors. I love my visors. I get up, shower, get dressed and makeup but my hair is lacking the usual attention it is used to. So I throw on one of my cute and sporty visors and viola I am ready for my day. I believe I cannot have too many cute visors or vintage T's.

Tonight I caved and went on a bike ride with the family, which was really nice because the sun was out and it was in the 70's here today. Yep all the snow is melting and we are back on track for Spring :)

I am in the final stages of working out the kinks and negotiating a deal with a local manufacturer here and if all goes well I will have everything to them to begin production no later than Monday! What a relief that will be and we will be moving in a positive direction and I will be able to get every one's orders out much much quicker. I do not have a timeline yet so I wont guess, but I would hope to be able to be shipping everything out 2nd week of May.


Cara said...

Sounds very exciting!!! I can't wait for more :)

Leah said...

Amy - how fabulous for you to be growing so much!

I do laundry the same way, and I kind of thought I was alone in my system :) and just last night I was trying on visors at Target, seriously, thinking about how great this could be for me!!!!