Friday, April 17, 2009

April is the new December

I need to have a conversation with Mother Nature about this whole weather situation here in Colorado. Snow, sun, rain, hail, tornadoes...what gives? I think this is the 3rd blizzard in the past 4 weeks!! I am so ready for spring and the smell of rain mixed with fresh cut grass. So over this teasing of warmth only to be followed by another slap of sleet and snow.

On another note, check out Ms. Heather's shop, this girl has got some talent! I love pretties to match my girls clothing and she does amazing work and will even do match ups to your favorite clothing.

I also had a logo worked up for the new labels for this season and it all has not quite sank in yet but I think I like it?
As for me? The ball is rolling as you might call it, the wheels are in motion and I am moving forward with big things! As soon as everything is finalized I can share, so for now have a wonderful Friday!


Cara said...

So excited to hear what you have in store.....BIG things are coming!!
How exciting!!

Call Me Q said...

Oooh awesome girl - and BOOO snow. Gotta move to Texas darling. MUCH nicer. *winks*

Chickapee Creations said...

Wow! Thank you for the compliment on the necklace! You are so awesome and fun to watch!