Friday, April 24, 2009

Look Ma, No Training Wheels

I have been really busy getting ready to have everything to the manufacturer by Monday. I never imagined I would be to this point and how much work it actually is! I need to provide them with a pattern for each style, and each piece of that style in every size - that is a whopper!

I have been tracing, grading, adding and subtracting almost non-stop for the past two days and I seriously think I may have lost some brain cells...certainly nothing that a good bottle of wine can't fix I hope!

Tonight was a nice break from my repetitive madness. My husband brought home a wonderful crab leg dinner and flowers :) My 6 year old reached a mile stone and learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels. She was ecstatic and Dad was a wonderful teacher - he has more patience than me :)
Ms. S had to throw on her boots as we watched big sister show off her new biking skills. That girl has a serious shoe addiction. She has more shoes in her current size than I own total...and we all know how fast they grow out of their shoes. And why is it that they always want to trudge through the puddles in their good shoes? Murphy's law I guess.

I have turned off shopping in the Etsy store as of today. I need to get my final order numbers together with sizes and colors. After everything is finished and shipped off to all of you, I will consider adding more ready to ship items at that time.

As I grow and learn I too am taking off the training wheels and being as cautious as I can be with the business. I may need that extra push sometimes. I need to be sure that I have on my helmet and knee pads just in case I fall.
Oh and I want to do a giveaway in honor of Mother's Day! I kind of have an idea of what I am going to do but if you have something you would like to share - shoot me an email please!


Danielle said...

I am so excited for you, Amy. <3

Leah said...

Way to go Amy! Congratulations!!!

Holly said...

I am so proud of how far you have come, girl! xoxo