Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Sale

Can you believe Summer is over? Boo hoo, I may be ready for Fall but not Winter and always seems like our Falls here in Colorado get shorter every year and the Winters longer. I am not ready to give up my flip flops just yet.

The Winter collection "Sparkling Twilight" will be available on October 1st and I will have some photos to share soon so please be sure to check the Facebook page as well for updates.

We will also be rolling out our virtual trunk show program after the October 1st launch and I do not have details to share yet but if you are interested in hosting a virtual show with family and friends you can earn free items!

I also need to make some space for the new items coming in and I am offering FREE shipping through Monday and most items are already marked down at least 50% so use code "laborday" to receive free shipping - only available on US domestic orders please.

I have spotted plenty of last years favorites on Ebay this season and I get inquirys for some of the more popular styles which I am sorry to say I do not have any so maybe you can find your wish list on Ebay. I am such an addict for Ebay!

I wish you all a weekend of family on our last official weekend of Summer.

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Nancy said...

Yeah!! Thanks so much!