Thursday, September 9, 2010

Checking his list

Ever feel like you are just cant seem to catch up? Yep that is me this year, the theme for 2010.

The Winter/Holiday collection is under way and I should be able to share some sneaky peeks starting next week and I know you will love them!

Speaking of Holiday I was in a dept store tonight picking up some leggings for myself, thought I might actually try to pull the "look" off. My girls were a mess, running, chasing, throwing ice - yes ice from their cups - at each other and I was on my last nerve and the lady behind me pops in and says" I am one of Santa's elf helpers and you never know who is out there watching you so you better be good for your Mother". Wow , ok I have never seen them straighten up so fast and it worked like a charm in case you want to try it sometime and rescue some frazzled mom in the check out lane.

Also sharing a small peek at some pieces that were sent out to be modeled - lots of ruffles and color!

All Labor Day orders have shipped - Have a great week!

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lil misses' mama said...

Love those ruffles and tulle!!