Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doing Without

Guess what? Just updated the website with more Spring items that came in in some of the more popular pieces and sizes.

I think Summer will launch the week of May 14th, seems so far away to me but I know time will fly! So excited to show you the new styles and I love the bright colors! I did not add any women's pieces this collection. I am spread really thin now with family commitments and I needed to get to production so just like any other time lol I cut myself out.

I am sure you can all relate. My daughters have all new shoes to go with certain outfits and the new clothes too. But I can be walking around in shoes that clearly need to be donated or given a second life and the same goes for most of my wardrobe and handbags.

Also as soon as I have any backorder items you are waiting on I will be sure to update when they get here and ship.


Call Me Q said...

OH gawd girl - I am the same way. I look homeless myself. HA HA

Meredith said...

YAY how exciting to see my Paige on the Blog <3

I hear ya, I just recently started to buy myself a few things and it really changed how I felt even on the inside, so do some stuff for yourself because you deserve it and it will make you feel better.