Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blame it on sleep

I really thought I was doing so well with my vitamins and eating right and exercising and then BAM I got Strep again! My 2nd time since January and the dr. thinks I am a freak of nature because only 1% of sore throats in adults are actually Strep. I had to beg him for a rapid test because I was so uncomfortable. Both times he returned with a "and you were right", isn't that so nice to hear?? I so hate being wrong, one of my weaknesses. I guess I should have played lotto since my odds are so in my favor, I would take a jackpot over Strep any day.

If you are still waiting on a b/o Charli Tank Dress I will have them in later next week and they will ship right out.

I also feel a Sale coming on, some sort of Spring Cleaning to make room for new inventory, yep, cant wait to see it all and share the sneak peeks with you!


Michelle said...

OH my! I love that little girly, shes a doll!
Jodi, shes the most precious little gal!

mi*lolli said...

Look at Miss Adsy! So adorable in her LMN!!! :)