Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Charli!

What a crazy day yesterday was. I am happy to say the cart functioned well and nothing was oversold. Some on you may have had issues grabbing some items on your wish list and had a challenging time if they were already in others carts.

I did decide to add a few more Charli Tank Dresses this morning and these are on backorder for approx 5 weeks.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that nothing was oversold. That had to be super stressful last time. And look at the Charli....pretty popular, eh? I had to have it for DD :).

Park Ave Photography said...

This little model looks like a doll! Wow!!!

Dana P said...

Are you going to backorder anymore items? I am looking for another item that is not available in my DDs size. Thanks! :)