Monday, November 9, 2009

No Name

Sorry for the lame blog title but my creative juices today are on standby. I am looking forward to a slightly slower pace over here and of course my girls getting better. Man they just got over the crud #1 and a few days later here came crud #2 and we finally got hooked up with some antibiotics, the pink kind their favorite!

Things seem like they should have slowed down a bit but I have been busy with emails and such. If you are wondering were your tee is if you were affected by the website oversold items then they are coming soon. I am having them special made and once I get them in they will ship.

As for me I plan on getting the inventory on the site updated but I have a slew of size exchanges coming in and once the majority of those are addressed I will update the site. My guess would be early next week.

I also have a pretty pile of one of a kind knot tops, dresses and circle skirts from the fair that I want to share and not quite sure where I want to put them yet. I am not sure if the blog is the right place or etsy which only complicates things. So once I get photos I will be able to share.

I have received a few photos, please keep em coming. It just makes me smile to get a nice email with a cute little girl in it wearing LMN. Totally makes my day!


Call Me Q said...

Girl you are rocking it! I have some photos - not the best - but I will be sure to send some over. =)

Mary said...

Thanks for the update, Amy! Love the pix...such cuties!