Thursday, November 5, 2009


We are finished as of a few seconds ago, Yay! I so could not have done it this fast without Stephanie's help .

Everything has shipped unless it is a backorder item and I will keep you all up to date on the status of those items.

And to think the kids are sick again, yes I can't take it any more! Ack! Either it is the same crud back again or something entirely new and the kids have given Stephanie and Miss J something to take back with them, how nice of me!

I do have Noel Holiday items left and some Fall so I will update the site over the weekend.


Michelle said...

So excited! Ours should be here tomorrow or Monday.

Kelly said...

Let it be cranberry leggings and dot peasant. Both in 5/6 please :)

Stephanie Rae said...

that Stephanie sounds amazing :)

Mary said...

Any idea when you will be able to update the site w/the noel holiday items and fall items? I checked all throughout the weekend and throughout today as well. Thanks, Amy!