Sunday, November 22, 2009


Back orders are in - yay! I worked so hard to get as many as I could to the post office yesterday, just over half. The remaining orders will go out tomorrow, so everyone's goodies will be 100% shipped! You will not necessarily get an email so don't panic if you did not get a notice. It is much faster for me sometimes to do it that way.

Can you believe the Holidays are upon us? I can't and Black Friday too! Last year we took both girls out with us, big mistake. I think I plan on going by myself this year those crowds are brutal and toting a stroller around makes it even harder.

Speaking of Black Friday, stay tuned for a special announcement!!

I am also busy planning Spring and have so many ideas in my head and one little "dainty one" that I promise you and your daughters will love!

I also added some new very limited pretties to the site so be sure to take a peak!


kaitlyn said...

Ooh...Can't wait!

Mary said...

Poo- I missed the cranberry lap top, but YIPPEE!, I got the sweet blue lap dress! Oh, happy day! Thanks, Amy! :o)

whlrsnyder said...

Oooh, the new items are so pretty. I'm sorry that I missed them. The colors are gorgeous. They certainly don't last long!