Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When it rains it pours

That is so the truth for me this week - what gives?

This has been one trying week. My girls are both ill with the flu, not positive on what kind because the dr. office does not want to see them unless they are "extreme" by means of a temp of over 105, listless or dehydrated so I have no way of knowing if it really is H1N1 or not so best I can do is give extra snuggle time.

Last night we were hit with a storm which has since turned into a blizzard and I had no internet access until this afternoon and I am praying we don't loose power. If for some reason you have not heard from me yet and are still waiting then it is possible I lost power or will hopefully get to you tonight.

I am about 60% done issuing refunds and adjusting orders. Your patience has been appreciated and I am almost done and then the fun part begins of getting the orders to you.
Thank you
- Amy


Amy said...


Thank you for continuing to update us, despite all you are going through right now. You mommy job is what is important right now....go be with your girls. The clothes can certainly wait. Take care.

Amy E.

Meredith said...

Hugs and well wishes to both of the girls, I hope they recover quickly. Your on the fast track when it comes to communication and shipping compared to others so try not to fret over it. Hugs!

Ana said...

thanks for the update
will wait patiently to hear from you

Monika said...

Hugs to you and your girlies! I hope they will be on the mend soon!

Lisa said...

You're doing such a great job of staying on top of everything despite the many challenges. I hope your girls feel better soon!