Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exhaling over here...

Refunds and all change adjustments are finished.

If you received an initial email from me and do not think you have received your refund yet please contact me and do so in a timely manner.

I have received a few emails regarding PayPal fees. Refunds are generated off of PayPal and no fees are taken out as long as they are refunded within 60 days or original payment. IF you paid by cc via PayPal then it will go back on your card. Refunds can take up to 5 days.

Appreciate all the kind words and patience in this process, wow I do not want to deal with this again.

Now I can begin to ship orders. Once they have shipped I will have a list of what is left and post here to the blog and anyone that is interested can email me directly as I do not plan on using the site anytime soon for any high traffic sales.

What is up on the site now is accurate and you should have no issues shopping it if you choose to do so.

Backorderd items will ship once I get them and I will post here keep you updated.

On another note, we got hit with a major snow storm and got 25" of snow total with it still snowing a bit. My girls are still on the mend and not happy that they can't go out and play. Major cabin fever going on here with that flu that hit the kids and now snow so I will be happy to get out of the house soon. I scored and had some neighborhood kids do all our shoveling for a $1 each but we gave them $15 to share. What can you even buy for a buck anymore?



Call Me Q said...

I am actually sitting here - looking at your pics and singing to the carols on here. LOL - and I usually HATE music on a blog - but you have superb Christmas music taste sista. Hugs you tight and hands you some warm rum to take the brrs away.

Ruth said...

Hey there,
Was just reading about the mishap, you poor thing! I can imagine the mess. Hope things are looking up and your girls are getting better. Take care of yourselves!! Wow, can't believe you have snow already!

Michelle said...

That is one gorgeous looking nightmare! Im so sorry to hear of all the mess! But am happily, patiently waiting.
What great pics!