Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tick Tock

Ok so I am trying to get through all of this today but things just have to be "so" and I need to update the sizing information, add all the inventory now that it is counted and still load up some photos. They are appearing too small and I want them a bit larger.

So for now just an update to let you know at best it would be tonight but no promises because if I loose my patience and it takes longer it will be tomorrow.

Thank you !


for*your*moments*photography said...

Amy - it is so so so awesome that you are keeping in touch with all of us who are so eagerly awaiting the launch. It's so refreshing and appreciated.

Can't wait to load my cart. Beautiful stuff!

Jenn said...

thanks so much for keeping us "sitting by the computer" folks up to date. now i can go clean (haha) and check back later. thanks again for keeping us posted.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update! Makes the day a little less stressful, now to just try to time tonight just right... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word I am IN LOVE with that red lap dress. I need it for my three girls. Maybe I should nap so I can stalk away for the remainder of the evening. :o)
Thanks so much for updating your blog. It's so nice to be kept in the loop!

Amanda's Mommy said...

Thanks so much for your updates!!! It's so nice to have such great communication. I can't wait to place my 1st order with you!

kapcapmommy said...

Thanks so very much for the update! It is much appreciated for those of us who can't sit on here all day! :)