Friday, October 23, 2009


Ok so I think I am going for the gold medal in most blog posts in one day. For me this is the easiest way to notify you all of any updates or changes.

I am going to have more or the Sugarplum and Holly Lap Dresses made along with the Cream Brulee Leggings. Estimated shipping time of 4 weeks.

The Winter Blush is not going to be available for back order and either will any of the Fall items.

Thank you


bella1342 said...

thank you!!! i ordered the holly dress and creme brulee leggings on back order. I think I placed 4 different orders. LOL! I'm happy now I can get ready for work. Thank you for doing that!

Di said...

Amy - you're just the best. I know I've said that before but it's the truth.

To go above and beyond ... you're going to have a wealth of people who keeping coming back for more because you value your customer's happiness so much.

Thanks again. :-)

amy surburg said...

How do we order the Holly lap dress? I am ready with cc in hand! :)

amy surburg said...

I figured it out...thanks for doing this for your customers!

kaitlyn said...

I was so bummed this morning when I saw everything I wanted was sold out. Thanks so much for doing this. Can't wait to get our holiday dresses!

Alyssa Claire Photography said...

So awesome, Amy. I was so sad that I missed out on them earlier today. I just ordered the red lap and creme brulee leggings :).