Monday, September 14, 2009

Pin Head

Things are moving right along. I have been super busy getting ready to get all of your Fall orders to you, working on Holiday samples and of course the art fair I am doing here in Denver next month. I don't know if I am coming or going and seriously look at my pincushion because this is what I feel like now....complete chaos :)

On the subject of Motherhood, what kind of mother allows her 3 yr old to fall asleep on the stairway? Me I guess. Riddled with guilt and I am going to have to make up for it big time after this week is through! Don't worry I moved her to her bed but left her here long enough for a quick photo. My oldest will be turing 7 this week too, I guess I don't have the best timing so Mommy will have to do her best in making her birthday extra special!You are all patiently waiting on your Fall orders and Mish Mash will start to ship tomorrow - yay! I cannot wait to get it to you and see all the wonderful pictures! I really poured my soul into this collection and have spent so much time on it. Orders are all coming through the US postal mail via priority so you get it nice and quick.

On the subject of replenishing the site with the Mish Mash items. At this time I am not going to be adding any additional items. However, I have a lot of items that are part of the collection that will be available at the fair along with Holiday and some rare one of a kind pieces too. If you live nearby take a peek at the info here and be sure to come say hello :)I will leave you with this special photo of Baby Harlow...isn't she just precious! And of course she is extra sweet in her Loves Me Not bloomers from the Summer collection, what a proud Mother Meredith must be!


Monika said...

Seriously, the picture of your daughter is the funniest thing I've seen in a while!! She made it half way up and passed out, bow in hair and all =)! Priceless!

Renee said...

add me to the list of bad mommy momments..i have pics just like that of my boys=)

your stuff is so beautiful! cant wait to get my order=)

Jenna said...

I am so excited to receive my fall order and drooling over the yummy fabrics for the Holiday Fair. I'm looking forward to making an evening of it with a friend at the Thursday pre-sale! Wine and shopping...what could be finer. :D

Holly said...

Awe, your customer baby is adorable. Parker has those bloomers too. I swear, I wish I lived closer. I'd be your sidekick... and a very bad influence!

Meredith said...

I have been anxious checking my mailbox everyday because I can't wait to get my order. Now you just need more baby sizes because Harlow had to miss out on Mish Mash and you know she loves her some Loves Me Not.