Friday, August 7, 2009

the very last minute

It seems like I get some of my favorite or best work done at the last minute. I can stare at stacks of fabric off and on for a few days and only get my inspiration at the last minute. I think I must enjoy the pressure of doing everything last minute?

Getting closer to finishing up and I really am excited to share all of the wonderful model shots I have popping into my email box. Here are a couple I got today and I think she is just the sweetest thing! Annie does wonderful work.

We are hoping to make a short trip up to my family's lake this weekend for some tubing and skiing before school starts. Nothing like a sunny day at the lake with the family to have a great time!


Renee said...

Loving all the sneak peaks!!!! Beautiful work as always:)

Loves Me Not said...

Thanks Renee - you are too sweet!