Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burning the midnight oil

That has been my theme this week. Lots and lots of piecing together colors and sewing. You should see my house right now, complete disorganization!

I plan on launching the line Mish Mash late next week, but i dont want to promise anything just in the case there is something I missed with the website or some other surprise I have not thought of yet. I promise to give you all fair notice as some of the pieces are "limited" due to the amount of fabric I have.
I am excited about so many of the new pieces I have this Fall to share with all of you and I hope you like them! I have a few that are reversible. So you get 2 looks in 1 piece and double the wear. My youngest loves that as she is constantly changing outfits!
Summer has finally decided to show up here in Colorado. Seriously. It has been raining and not too hot this year. Yep just in time for back to school. Isn't that how it always works?

But for now I am going to go finish up one of the last pieces I had planned and then I think I can say I am done........I hope. I walk by my stacks of bolts of beautiful fabrics and a new color combination pops at me and then there I go back to the sewing machine!


Chickapee Creations said...

Love the ruffle pants with the buttons!! Very Cute, can't wait to see more!

Party of Seven said...

Cant wait to see the rest of it. Love the ruffle pants and the outfit on your header!!! You have so much talent!

Call Me Q said...

Oh good googly moogly - I am loving it girl. LOVING it.