Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunday Holidaze

So now that we are officially in business here and things are rolling we have decided to begin selling our Holiday Collection on September 28th...2 days and counting.

Sunday sounded like a good day because Sundays are always good days to shop and be lazy. The men are busy with football and other testosterone ridden sports and we can shop and be in our jammies all day if we want and they probably would not even notice.....unless the kids were screaming and hanging from the banisters eating Popsicles in their's okay remember it's Sunday!

So sometime Sunday, could be the wee hours, our items will be ready available in the Etsy store. I am sorry to say the super cute and soft velour pants are available in very limited quantities...unless for some reason a miracle happens and more of this wondrous fabric magically becomes available from the factory in which it came from.

We normally ship our pieces to you within 3-4 weeks, but since we already have orders to fill and cannot anticipate how many more we may receive in addition to this Holiday Line, we would rather be on the safe side and say that Holiday orders will ship first week of November. If we can get them to you sooner than that we will.

So grab your coffee and have your cozy chair ready to do a little surfin LMN style....oh and don't forget about the kiddos, you don't really think I give my kids Popsicles in the a.m. do you?


Renee said...

Okay so now I am nervous--I have to have those velours:) I may stay up all night waiting.

Holly said...

How adorable!!! Your photography has really taken off too!
When things slow down, we gotta catch up. I'm super busy with orders and photo sessions right now. Feebay's kinda a thing of the past these days, isn't it?! Miss ya!