Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday

We have an overwhelmingly popular request for more ladies love the leggings!

I myself have ordered the MJ Bettie Dress and plan on pairing it up with the Lily leggings in cranberry along with some brown ballet flats (that is if my daughter Miss M. cooperates). They are a perfect match in color :).

So we are on the trail for more cream, espresso and cranberry knit for more leggings...which are you wanting more of? We are getting more requests for espresso and cranberry it seems, so please leave your comments so we know what you like! And we will update you when we get more in! We should be getting more cranberry in early this week so check the blog and the store because it will be in limited quantities.

I am beginning to wonder if we need to open up a second Etsy store....called "Got Pants", "Bottom Half" or "Deux Jambes" (translates to "Two Legs" in french...please give me extra credit for being creative).

The red velour ruffles were selling faster than I could put them in our store late Saturday night and we are now out, so it begins. We are getting more questions on when we can make more red velour ruffles.....we will keep you posted red ruffle lovers.

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Holly said...

Awesome! Glad you're doing so well!!!