Monday, March 8, 2010


Later today I should have a better idea of this week's release date. Sorry I would usually know by now but sometimes I just cant rush things quick enough :)

Isn't that photo just drool worthy? Gifted, mad skills both of them, wow. The tank dress starts at size 12-18 mos and goes up to 10 and I have an older daughter who just loved it when she paired it with her denim capris, so cute and not too girly for her.

On the subject of the simple shorties, they are just that "simple". I got an email asking why I did not add ruffles and well these are made to wear under skirts and dresses and ruffles in my opinion would not lay right under the skirt or dress and sometimes on a short this short they are not comfortable on the skin for little girls. So simple we are and stay tuned for Summer's collection where you fans can get your ruffle fix :).

I also hope to have an updated sizing section on the site for your reference before you order. Should make your planning a bit easier. Sizing is the same as before though the new items are sized differently such as 2 4 6 8.


Chickapee Creations said...

Love the dress!! Great Stuff!

Call Me Q said...

you have outdone yourself once again girl - WOW. Love it all.

BlueEyes9693 said...

That baby girl gets me every time! That dress is my FAVE!!