Thursday, March 4, 2010


Thanks for all the very insightful and useful tips. I got some great new ideas and will try them all except for "not" doing it :) clever. I have to squeeze back into my Spring clothes soon.

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I plan on having most images available on the site by Sunday and then I will add the last few as they come in before the release.

How is it that when you need to find something that is in a "pair" you can only find one? I despise laundry to the fullest extent. I have a sock basket that is full of mismatched socks. Every day I dig through the basket and sometimes I put my girls and even myself in mismatched socks. I get so frustrated digging and looking that I eventually give up and figure 2 white socks is close enough right?

There must be some place between here and no where that all the missing and lost gloves, shoes and socks go hang out. It always seems as if I am searching for lost mates of my families wardrobe.....there is only one consistent thing here and that is me. I admit I am terrible at laundry and putting things back in the spot they go. I get in a rush and put it back in the most convenient place at them time, that is how all the mates get separated.

Though there is one thing I have not been able to figure out and that is the mystery of missing socks. I believe they get sucked up by some magical force once they enter the wash to a far far away land. Just imagine mismatched socks running around and living the good that is something to ponder.

And it is finally Thursday! I cannot wait for the weekend to be here for some family time! I love the way this photo turned out. Monica did a great job!


Call Me Q said...

what what - I won? I didn't even know I entered anything - ha ha ha. LOL - figures. And I think that the dryer eats them - truly. I'm afraid to take the dryer (or washing machine apart) and find a bunch of moldy, nasty socks and junk. And oh my - that dress is divine.

Lisa said...

CUTE dress!

Renee said...

aww Thanks for putting up my little girl Elliana! Look forward to seeing the rest of the new line!
and the thing I hate that always seems to have one go missing is GLOVES. Im so done with Gloves.

The Asquad said...

LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVV that dress!! I so see several things that Miss Audra will like!!

Jenn said...

I couldve written that post myself. I bet my mismatch sock basket is bigger than I have also given my boys same colored mismatched socks to wear. I can't wait till summer.... No more socks!

~tiny peanut cakes mama~ said...

In our house all the socks are missing because my daughter has taken them to use as arm or leg casts for her stuffies in her pet hospital. LOL We too wear any two white socks we can.

Such pretty things coming this season- cant wait to see it all together and to see the mama pieces.

BlueEyes9693 said...

What a beautiful dress and amazing photograph!

I just throw the socks away and buy new ones...can't handle the stress LOL

Rachel K. said...

Your Spring stuff is so adorable!!! Can't wait to buy some!