Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the subject of Pets

Only a couple more weeks until the site will be all updated and ready to go! The week of March 8th is the Cherish launch and I can hardly wait.

Leah did a wonderful job as always photographing some of the pieces. They have had "feet" upon "feet" of snow so we opted for some indoor shots which turned out so sweet! I just love this pattern. It is such a sweet dress with a vintage flair and of course 2 pockets for her treasures!

This week has been more than hectic here. Our beta fish Bronco decided to explore world outside of his fishbowl and I found the poor guy after church on Sunday. No jokes he must have been out of water for 2 hours and when I touched him he moved so I threw him back in. He only made for another 6 hours and then I had that doomed feeling of telling my oldest. She has such a soft heart and I thought since I took care of the fish maybe she would not notice...all us moms seem to take care of the pets they promise to help with right? Well the second she got home it was the first thing she noticed, guess I can't win.

I have also been working on Summer designs and I enjoy it so much because it reminds me that Summer will soon be here and I will not be freezing any longer. I miss my flip flops and deciding what color nail polish to wear. I would wear them in the winter if I did not think I would get frostbite.


Call Me Q said...

Awww - your poor baby. This is why I won't allow DH to get fish - no matter HOW much he wants some. LOL

I'm with you on the NO MORE COLD.

Jenna said...

You need to see my "Glitter Toes" lady. ;D

Sorry about your fishy...love the new dress!

Amanda said...

Sorry the fish didn't make it....we've been there and done that too! But OMG - I am loving everything you post. You're killing me here....maybe we should just arrange to direct deposit my next paycheck directly to your account! ;)

Izzy'sMom said...

So sorry to hear about your fish. :( I too can't wait for warmer weather! Hope it comes soon! Loving this dress as well as the others!

Lisa said...

Ooh, so there will be a summer line too? Exciting! I love the little blue dress, I can totally see my 4yo in it. Sorry about the fishy. :(

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh LOVE that dress, what's the smallest size it comes in? Paige has started having opinions about her clothing but thank goodness I have Harlow to dress for some years :)