Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not even Winter yet

and yet last and this week has been in the single digits here for us. If you are not from Colorado you would think that this is "normal" for us. We are all in shock over here. Snow usually lasts only a couple days on the ground before the sun comes back out to melt it and we are going on over 3+ weeks of ice and snow outside with these frigid temps. I get an F for effort in the outdoor decoration department this year from my oldest daughter. I am too darn lazy and hate the cold to go out and put any lights up, call me scrooge.

We did finally get around to finishing up the tree :) All 12' of glory! So much work for such a short time and I wonder what I was thinking when we bought this huge tree a few years back?

Slowly working on the Spring collection here. I can't lie and I am certainly enjoying this little break in between and getting caught up on things here at home. But I know I need to get a move on. Have some new designs coming that I am very excited about and I know you will love!

If you have any last minute shopping or some pieces from the site you missed out on I am offering Free Shipping this week. Use code FreeShip at checkout.

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