Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thumbs up!

My little Savvy girl giving us a big thumbs up from the field amidst all the drama. Yes drama. Have you ever been to a soccer game with 3-4 yr old boys and girls? It is quit entertaining, and not only because my daughter is playing on the team. There is always a few kids on both teams that are just a tad cranky and it is hilarious to see how they react on the field when the ball is kicked the other way or the other team scores.

Wow what a month September was and we are already a week into October. Seriously at this rate Christmas will be here in no time!

All of you have gotten your orders by now and I appreciate all the sweet emails with photos, I just love to see them!

Working like a mad woman to get ready for the fair next week - I remember saying I had 8 weeks to go and somehow the 8 became 1 and now I am in panic mode. I have a fancy new cutter now so I can cut a whole bunch of goodness at one time and my goal is to avoid being cut myself as anyone who knows me knows I am clumsy.

I hope to have Holiday ready to go by the end of the month and it will all be ready to ship, no waiting time on production. I also switched manufacturers for the Holiday line and the quality is superb! I only have one little sneak to share with you now and it really isn't much but it gives you an idea....lots of deep reds, olive greens, creams and rich browns and even some velvet!

The fair will have items from the Mish Mash line, some one of a kinds and what I have of the Holiday line as well. Anything that I have after the show will go up online around the 19th this month so be sure to check back!

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Wahoo! Can't wait to see, hope to see you soon!