Thursday, October 22, 2009

Midnight Oil

Ok so in the essence of not torturing anyone and sleep depriving you too (our kids have that job already) I have decided to wait until tomorrow morning. I just cannot get these images to load correctly for me and I am not a computer whiz, that is for you left brain types. I so wish I had an internet whiz with me now because I am worn.

So I will continue to work on it and I wont play any "tricks or treats" on you and go live in the middle of the night, that just would not be fair. So my best guess would be sometime tomorrow morning around 9am MST so you Pacific Coasters can sleep in a bit and the East Coasters can get their morning errands finished.

I also plan on answering everyone's emails at some point but I am so swamped right now that I have to apologize if I do not get an answer back to you before you order. I did update the sizing chart and it includes pants and lap dresses now too so hope that helps.

I have the cutest women's tees and since I did not get them photographed my attempts at doing so is terrible. I am a sucker for tees, any style long or short. I am not a shoe nor a purse girl either. I so wanted to share them with you but the silver logo on the front does not photograph so if you are interested in seeing a not so perfect photo email me and at some point next week I can send one to you - they are so comfy too!

One last note on a few questions that have been asked. The cranberry velour ruffles are not the same as last years. Last years were crimson red and these are a true cranberry wine color so not to confuse :)

Go to bed nighty night.


for*your*moments*photography said...

You, my dear, are just the bestest ... the cream of the crop!

Thanks for the update ... and I do hope you get some sleep. I know you've got to be as keyed up as everyone else.

Can't wait until tomorrow ...

~off to dream of sugarplum ruffles and lap dresses and whiskers on kittens~


Renee said...

You rock Amy!!! Thanks for the update and working so hard for everyone:)

Theresa said...

Thanks for the update. Guess this pacific coast girl will have to try to get up early. :( Mornings are sooo not my thing!!! ;) hope I don't miss it all!!!

Julie said...

Going to miss it because we will be on the road to a doctors appointment. I'm so sad.