Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching Up

That is what I have been doing, besides working on getting Mish Mash all lined up and some other tidbits.

I promise to answer each and every one's emails, it is jut taking some time to sift through it all. And WOW, I am so happy to hear about how many of you would like to possibly join the team! Really truly excited and I can't wait to share once it is all finalized. I want to be sure it is just right and I am not one to rush things.

I am also working on finishing up our traveling trunk program. If you are interested in hosting a show shoot me an email and I will get back to you. Who doesn't love getting free stuff? And that is just a part of it. I am settling on what Mish Mash pieces to include as well as Holiday.

September is just around the corner which means kids are in school, the leaves start to change and I can savor the crisp cool fall air I love so much. Holiday line will soon be in the works and I plan on having everything ready to ship so you can get your hands on the goods quicker, it's all about immediate gratification. Tell that to my husband. When I see something I want it now, I am not so good at waiting. Kind of funny how I am on that other side now huh?


Call Me Q said...

I just loves me some Amy. Loves me NOT - pish - loves me ALWAYS

Steve said...

Jen you are too good to me!