Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are getting closer!

I wanted to update everyone and let you know that after further thinking about the launch date and the upcoming holiday weekend, I am changing the launch date to Monday.

I want to be sure I am available to answer everyone's concerns or questions when the shop opens up and with Good Friday and Easter coming I think that would be a challenge.

When I originally said Friday, I completely forgot that this was Easter weekend, just goes to show you how busy I have been! I still need to shop for Mr. bunny so my girls will wake up to a wonderful Easter morning. Lets just hope that it does not include any snow or rain.

I am still in the works of creating a women's logo tee and getting some help so I can bring you some more goodies. I want to be able to "share the love" so to say with each and everyone of you and if I do not get help then I cannot grow as a business and dress all the little girls out there.

So check back Monday and I will have the shop open and in full swing :) Not sure what time but I will do my best to have it all ready at once sometime in the morning.


Jenna said...

I'm very excited to see it all!

Call Me Q said...

So excited girly! Have a wonderful easter dollface!

aka_Mariabella - or jen