Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a little bit..

More. More fabric and of course more treasures that is. Yes we like any other seamstress out there love us some fabric and can't resist the temptation to just make a little something out if when something strikes our fancy ;)

We have added just a few more items to the shop today slated more towards Winter. The big "W" will soon be knocking on our door along with the bustle of the Holidays. After this we are officially in "planning" mode for 2009.....can you believe 2009? Seems like we were all just freaking out about Y2K. My daughter thought I was referring to new name for a toy lol!

Swimming in a sea of red velour over here and I am sending out your holiday orders as quickly as my hands and dear little machines can create them. All I need is more time and a live in Nanny....want to apply?

December will be "break" time for us or more like "non-sewing planning time" for the Spring line which I know will creep up on us quickly if we don't watch out.

Stay tuned soon as we have a fun little contest coming up!

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