Friday, September 19, 2008

The Big Day is here

The Etsy shop is officially open as of late last night, so even if you had wanted to have a sneaky peak you probably would not have even know how to find us....

The link to our Etsy shop is down there at the right, so take a stroll and while you are at it please leave us a comment or two if you like. We are having a contest! Gotta love 'em! We have already randomly picked some numbers, so tell us what you like (we don't' want to hear what you don't like-snicker ) or what you would like to see more of, or that you love us, go ahead and post away.

We are also going to give away a few items based on our first sales in our store! Yep more freebies! Got to love 'em! They are all pieces from our store, can't tell you what they are yet, but they will soon be revealed!

There are 22 total pieces in the collection with 3 other fun little accessories mixed in. We are so happy to be done and if we even remotely lived near each other I would be in the car on my way over now to pop that cork of champagne!


Anonymous said...

I love everything! But, my favorite would have to be the luxe jacket! Great job ladies, and congratulations!

Ella Sophie Photography said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You two are killing me, I need to wipe off the drool from the keyboard and get a paying job. GORGEOUS collection!! I LOVE everything but I LOVE the LUXE jacket the most too, followed by
Isabel Loves Dahlias Knot.

I LOVE the detachable apron idea. SO CREATIVE.

Your daughters look SO BEAUTIFUL. Excellent job on the pictures you two.

Off to shop some more. Boy, I need Madison to grow up faster and walk more.


Camilla*s Mommy said...

Love everything! list more ruffle leggings. LOL

Isabel Inspired Designs said...

Thanks so much ladies!!
Annie you are too sweet! It is great to see you:)

Tammyisblessed said...

Congrats Ladies!!!! I love the luxe jacket also. Thanks for the new addiction, my husband thanks you too, hee, hee! Now off to shop your site! The girls are beautiful!

Brooke & Lynn said...

Can I have one of everything? I love it all! Very impressive collection, I wish you both the best:)

Renee said...

Ok I am with several of these gals and LOVE everything! I bought WAY too much and cannot wait to see what else you gals have up your sleeve. I have heard that everyone is loving the leggings. I cannot wait to get these:) Renee

Renee said...

Back to buy more:) I love the peasant top on this post!

little pumpkin grace said...

The Kyla and Janie knot dressres are my favorites!!! Really love the entire collection! Great job, ladies!!!